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GHS Information in ChemInventory
Supporting safe laboratory practices

Improve hazard awareness in your laboratory

ChemInventory displays Globally Harmonized System (GHS) safety information to users when they add containers, request orders and view container information. This information includes GHS pictograms, hazard definitions, precaution codes and descriptions (for prevention, response, storage and disposal) and more.

Full information at a glance

Users can view all information associated with a GHS hazard code with one click. This includes the GHS description of the code, its hazard class and its category.

Precaution codes for the compound are also shown, highlighting the recommended steps to be taken for accident prevention, incident response and substance storage and disposal.

The text associated with each precaution code can be seen by users by hovering their mouse over the code.

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Edit GHS Data and View History

ChemInventory brings together multiple sources of GHS data to give you an up-to-date snapshot of a chemical's known hazards. Over time, however, suppliers and regulators may change the hazard codes linked with substances.

The full history associated with a substance's GHS record is saved in ChemInventory and can be viewed by users at any time.

Users can add their own GHS records to ChemInventory using our simple editor. All relevant pictograms, statements and precaution codes are brought together automatically based on the H-codes selected.

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Planned Future Updates

While this new GHS feature has many useful elements, we have planned more updates to enhance its utility. Over time we will be modifying ChemInventory to add new features linked with the GHS information stored in our database. These include:

Warnings for Storage Incompatibilities
Searching your Inventory by Hazard
Hazard Email Alerts for Administrators

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