Getting Started

Our getting started pages are tailored towards people new to ChemInventory, who are looking to get an account set up for their laboratory. We recommend Group Administrators start here.

Concepts & Glossary

The briefs below describe some of the key ChemInventory concepts and terms in more detail, and explain how these concepts fit in with other software features.

Using ChemInventory

Need more information about the day-to-day use of ChemInventory? These pages explain how to use our most essential features and tools.

Barcodes & Auditing

ChemInventory fully supports barcoding for containers, locations and users. Here you will find more information about how you can leverage barcodes to aid with tracking, auditing and more.

Safety & Compliance

These pages detail how you can use the ChemInventory features designed to help with laboratory safety and regulatory compliance, including watchlist reporting and our GHS suite.

Inventory Management

Tailored for Group Administrators, the links below will help with the management of your ChemInventory account. Features accessible from the Inventory Management page are described here.


A detailed description and walk through of all the different pages in ChemInventory are provided in the links below. Labelled screenshots will help you navigate and find features on each page.

Licensing & Billing

Our various license types are described in more detail in these pages. Frequently asked questions about billing, upgrading and renewing licenses are also answered.

Site Licenses & Enterprise

These pages are designed for users with Site Administrator privileges under one of our Site or Enterprise licenses - including Academic Volume license holders.