ChemInventory includes a barcode generation tool that can be used to create pages of unique barcodes, suitable for affixing to chemical containers in your inventory.

Any number of unassigned barcodes can be generated in bulk using the barcode generation tool, which prepares a PDF document that can be printed onto sheets of peel-off labels (e.g. address labels) using a standard office printer. The layout of barcodes in this document can be customized to suit labels of any dimension, from any sheet supplier.

The barcode generation tool can be configured to create one-dimensional or two-dimensional barcodes. If you would like to use 2D barcodes, you may need to obtain more specialized scanning hardware.


ChemInventory is compatible with barcodes generated using third party tools. You do not need to use ChemInventory's barcode generation tool when barcoding your containers.

Using the Tool

Users with Group Administrator privileges can access the barcode generation tool from the Inventory Management page, under the Barcodes/Labels menu.

chemical inventory barcode generation
Interface of the barcode generation tool. The dimensions and layout of
generated barcodes can be customized extensively.

The tool's interface is broken into three sections: at the top, information about the label sheets can be specified (including page margins); in the middle, label dimensions can be entered; and at the bottom, you can customize settings specific to the barcodes being generated.

The diagram below shows how position and sizing setting values translate to label pages. Information shown in black is linked to page settings, while information in blue relates to label settings.

inventory chemical barcode layout
The layout of generated sheets. Numbered labels: (1) Horizontal spacing; (2) vertical spacing; (3) label height; (4) label width.

Barcodes generated by the tool will be a total of 8 characters long, including up to three prefix characters (for example "ABC01234"). If you are using ChemInventory within a site license, the prefix characters assigned to your inventory may be fixed by a site administrator. Each barcode value is shown on the labels generated.

When printing your barcode pages, it is important to ensure that any printer scaling settings are turned off. This will prevent the layout of your sheets being distorted by your printer.