ChemInventory makes lab management simple.

ChemInventory helps you organize your laboratory's chemical stock, cutting the time spent by your group members searching for compounds, and letting them get on with their work.

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laboratory chemical stock management software

Chemical inventory software for your lab

ChemInventory is secure, cloud-based software that allows you to manage the chemical containers in your laboratory. You and your research group members can search instantly for compounds by name, CAS registry number, structure or any number of your own custom fields. Chemical structures are presented alongside other relevant information in search results.

Works on PCs, Macs & more

ChemInventory can be accessed from any device - including PCs and Macs. You no longer need to have your inventory tied to a single computer.

Secure data protection

All data stored on our servers is encrypted using the industry standard AES-256 algorithm. To protect against data loss, we backup our databases daily.

Container barcoding

Unique barcodes can be assigned to each container, enabling simple and fast stocktaking procedures with a barcode scanner.

Auto-assigned structures

Chemical structures are assigned to containers automatically based on CAS and name. Or you can draw your own for in-house made compounds.

chemical structure search container inventory software

Structure searching

Searching for containers by chemical structure in ChemInventory is instantaneous. Perform exact or sub-structure searches to quickly find hits in your inventory.

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GHS Safety Information

ChemInventory brings together multiple sources of GHS data to give you an up-to-date snapshot of a chemical's known hazards. You can view hazard definitions, precaution codes and descriptions, GHS pictograms and more.

This information is displayed prominently to users when they add containers, request orders and view container information - promoting safe practice in your laboratories.

Find out more about our GHS feature on our briefing page

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What do users think?

  • ChemInventory is hands down the best tool I've come across for managing the chemicals in my laboratories. It's fast, easy to use and packed with useful features. It lets my researchers get on with their chemistry, without wasting time searching through outdated spreadsheets looking for compounds.

    Steven V. Ley – Professor, University of Cambridge
  • ChemInventory is a great product with great customer service. The company works to meet your needs and provides a seamless, feature-rich inventory product that has no rival anywhere near this price point.

    Dennis Bong – Professor, OSU
  • ChemInventory is easy to use and flexible software, that unobtrusively facilitates chemical ordering, storage, and stocktaking. It is offered at a very affordable price with great support if any issues arise.

    Ben Cheesman – Aqdot Ltd, UK
  • ChemInventory offers everything that is necessary and more for a chemistry lab to function efficiently and maintain an up-to-date chemical inventory. The ease of the search and add functions sets this software above any others I have tested or used. It has cut our costs and time significantly because we are able to easily determine if we have a starting material available and locate it quickly.

    Daniel Flaherty – Assistant Professor, Purdue University
  • ChemInventory has made the chemical request process in our labs more efficient and less time consuming. It is very user friendly and inexpensive, and the customer support team is very responsive and knowledgeable about their product.

    Stanley Arango – Sirigen Inc, USA

Excel import tool

Get started with ChemInventory couldn't be easier. Our Excel import tool lets you bring in your data with a click of a button. Chemical structures are assigned automatically and you can even import custom fields.