The watchlist feature lets you generate reports detailing the sizes and locations of containers which hold substances on pre-defined watchlists. This feature makes it easy for laboratories to meet their obligations under compliance legislation in a variety of countries.

What are watchlists?

Watchlists contain search information about compounds that require monitoring. When generating a watchlist report, our servers go through each of the containers in your inventory to check if it appears on the watchlist by comparing its CAS number or name against each item on the list. If a record is found then an entry is made on the report.

There are two types of watchlist in ChemInventory:

  • Global watchlists are maintained by the staff at ChemInventory, and allow you to generate reports for prominent regulations such as the DHS Appendix A reporting requirements in the United States or REACH in the European Union.
  • Custom watchlists are created and managed by you. This is useful if your organization or country requires you to report under regulations not included under global watchlists.

You can access the watchlist feature by navigating to Watchlist Reports, under the Inventory Tools menu on your Inventory Management page. As with all items on this page, only users with Group Administrator rights can access the watchlist feature.

access watchlist feature chemical inventory
Click on the Watchlist Reports button on your Inventory Management page to access the watchlist reporting feature.

Generating reports

To generate a report, simply click on the View Report button next to the relevant watchlist. Reports will be downloaded automatically to your computer as Excel files when ready. Please note that the time taken to generate a report is related to the number of compounds on the watchlist.

generate watchlist report
Click on the View Report button to generate and download an Excel report.

Watchlist actions

There are a number of different actions you can perform on watchlists. For both global and custom watchlists, you can generate reports (following the procedure above) and view the substances listed on the watchlist. For custom watchlists you have more options: you can edit the compounds on the watchlist; and you can delete the watchlist if it is no longer required. To access these actions, click on the down arrow next to the View Report button.

Custom watchlists

Creating custom watchlists allows you to generate reports to meet your own regulatory requirements, independently of ChemInventory's managed global watchlists.

To create a custom watchlist, click on the Create New watchlist button then enter the name you wish to call your watchlist. After it has been created, you'll be able to add as many compounds as you require.

generate watchlist report
Adding compounds to custom watchlists can be done in a few clicks. First click on the Add Item button, then enter in a compound name (which appears in the search report) and a search term before clicking on the Add Compound button.

When adding compounds, you'll be asked for a Compound Name and Search Term. The first will appear in text in any reports generated and will act as the heading under which results will be grouped. The second is the term our servers use to search through your containers. In this field you can enter in either a CAS number (recommended) or a chemical name. When searching by chemical name, our system will also check compound synonyms.