Research laboratories frequently order compounds in quantities greater than required, increasing storage requirements in the lab and leading to waste when the container reaches its expiration date. Container recycling allows inventories under a site license to share any containers which are no longer required, cutting back on duplicate orders and reducing expense.

An information page about container recycling aimed at day-to-day users under site licenses can be found here.

Enabling container recycling

There is a page dedicated to container recycling on the Site Management pages of ChemInventory. Users with site administrator privileges can access this page to see any containers that have been recycled, view container movements and deletions, and enable or disable container recycling for their site.

Before users in inventories within your site can recycle their containers, you must first enable container recycling by going to this page and clicking on the Enable Recycling button.

Disabling recycling

To disable container recycling for your site, click on the Disable Recycling button (visible when recycling has been enabled). It is worth noting that when container recycling is disabled, all containers previously marked as recycled will have this mark removed and all movement and disposal records will be deleted.

Movement and disposal records

An audit record is saved when users in your site add containers to the recycling list, move them between inventories or mark them as disposed. You can view audit entries from the Container Recycling page. Please note that if you disable container recycling at any time, these records will be deleted.