The process for upgrading or renewing your license depends on the license type you are covered by. We've outlined the general processes below, but if you have any specific queries please feel free to get in touch with our support team .

Individual inventory licenses

New inventory licenses can be purchased online by inventory administrators, with payment made by credit/debit card from the License & Settings panel on the Inventory Management page. If you would prefer to pay by bank transfer or by purchase order, please contact our support team . Pricing information for individual inventory licenses can be found on the pricing page .


When purchasing a license, you can select which currency (USD, EUR, GBP) you would like to be charged to your card. The invoice sent to you will be made out in this currency. It is not possible to re-issue an invoice in a different currency after payment has been processed.

Individual inventory licenses are usually available on an annual basis only; however, in some situations we may be able to offer a multi-year license if required (for example to fit within a financial year). When a payment has been processed for your license purchase, you will receive an email confirmation with an invoice attached.

Renewing & upgrading licenses

When renewing or upgrading a license, the same process is followed as if you were purchasing a license for the first time. Administrators should head to the Inventory Management page and open the License & Settings panel before entering credit/debit card details. You can renew a license up to six months before its date of expiry.


When renewing or upgrading a license, any time remaining on your previous license will be credited towards the cost of the next. As a result, the amount displayed on your invoice following payment may be less than the prices listed on our pricing page . This ensures that you have not paid twice for the same time. Your new license will run for 12 months from the date that the payment was processed.

Downgrading a license

If you would like to downgrade your license type, for example from the Premium tier to the Basic tier, please get in touch with our support team. Any credit remaining on your existing license will be applied as an extension to the downgraded license, so you will not lose out on any time you have already paid for.

Moving to a site or enterprise license

Moving from an individual inventory license to a site or enterprise license is a straightforward process: please get in touch with our support team who will manage data migration. Your access to ChemInventory will continue uninterrupted during this process, and your inventory data will not be modified or lost.