From the Request an Order page, users in an inventory can request new containers are purchased. Pending requests are listed on the Current Orders page which can be viewed by other members of the inventory.

ChemInventory's order requests pages are designed to help manage new container orders by acting as a centralized 'shopping list' for your lab. This module exists alongside your current procurement method — it is not designed to replace your purchasing system, nor does it place orders automatically with suppliers. Pending orders are included in search results to help reduce duplicate orders in your lab.


Currently ChemInventory does not send administrators or order handlers an email when a request is made by a member of their team. Users with these privileges will need to open the Current Orders page periodically to check for new requests.

chemical order request

Order request information

Similar to the Add a Container page, a range of data entry areas will be listed on the left side of the interface, where information for the requested order can be entered. It is recommended that you include as much detail as possible when completing the fields to help your inventory order handlers process your request.

Fields included on this page are fixed; it is not possible to add custom fields to the order requests interface. If you would like to add ancillary information to your request, such as purity, supplier product code or cost, we recommend that this is entered into the Comments field.

Substance Information

After you have completed initial information for the request on the left side of the page, the system will attempt to use the CAS number entered to identify chemical information to be linked to the new record. If a CAS number is not entered, the system will use the value entered into the Container Name field instead. Any substance information found will be displayed on the page's right side, including the chemical structure and GHS safety information.

If any substance custom fields have been defined for your inventory, these will be listed under the GHS safety summary. If you modify any of these fields, the value you enter will be updated for any existing containers of the same substance. More information about substance fields can be found on the custom fields support page .

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